How To Start a Network Marketing Business Online |

I want to show you how to start a real network marketing business online. I’m not talking about hype, or silly explanations, or any of that stuff. I’m talking about honest marketing techniques that are battle tested and work. Enjoy this article and be sure to share it with your down line. These are the same marketing principles I use to grow my business each and everyday.I recently read an article titled, “How to start Network Marketing Business Online”. I found the article on a very popular website. I was blown away by how vague the article was. I couldn’t help but ask myself, “How could anyone start a real network marketing business online with this kind of information”.After reading the article I knew I had to share what successful network marketing online is all about!

Alright here we go, no hype, no filler, just real world information. Here are two battle tested principles you must take to heart. Number one, your network marketing business is not your company. Your business is “YOU”! People will ultimately join your opportunity because of the value you offer, not because your company has the next hottest widget.Number two, Don’t be tempted to advertise your company on the front end. If we went over to Google I could show you hundreds of ads that go something like this.Join XYZ Vitamin Company!
Get your own free website!This is a common mistake that’s easy to make. Many online network marketers want to sell there company right out of the gate. Don’t fall for the quick money solution. At first glance advertising your company on the front end looks like the solution to generating leads. It just doesn’t work in the long run. People are tired of the, “My companies compensation plan is the best” spill. You probably are too. But why do people run from this kind of advertising. It is simple. They’ve already been down that road before and got burned in the process. There not falling for that company sales pitch stuff anymore. Here is an ad that “knocks the socks off” so to speak.Learn the secrets of MLM
from a six figure earner
Free step by step marketing plan!This ad will out perform one hundred fold every time. Why? A real solution is being offered. A free action guide to show you how to start and grow a six figure income using the power of MLM. Notice how I’m not selling my network marketing company.

These two Internet marketing strategies are crucial to your success. I feel fortunate that I stumbled upon them early in my online network marketing business. I want to share these with as many people as I can. Make them the foundation of your online MLM business.I’m running out of room in this article but here are two tools that I use. You will need these to setup your online network marketing business successfully.1. A system that allows you to generate leads into your online MLM business
2. Training on how to advertise your lead capture pages

How to Start Your Own Business Online – Don’t Make the Mistake of Focusing on Products First |

If you want to know how to start your own business online as painlessly as possible I will give you one piece of advice that has helped me build successful online coaching companies. Start with the marketing and build a seed list. The reality is if you resist the temptation to dive right into developing/selling your products and take some time to focus on the marketing first you will set yourself up to be much more likely to succeed.I understand this may seem counter intuitive, so I’ll give you just a few reasons to back up my claim, that you need to build a seed list before a product.
Here are just a few benefits to starting with a seed list opposed to product/website/service development.Refrain from creating or peddling an incredible product that no one wants.
Unfortunately we have all heard a story like this before where someone poured their heart, soul and bank account into developing an information product, service system or e-commerce website that no one is paying for. In almost every case I can promise you that they did not start by building a list of qualified leads interested in the benefits that they could offer.

Start making impressive sales the minute your products/services are ready.
Don’t make the mistake of setting yourself up for burnout when your product is ready to be sold and now you have the uphill battle of finding someone who’s interested.You have had time to build a reputation.
Good marketing and a solid product can convert a hot, hungry prospect on the spot even if they have never heard of you. But if you are able to establish a reputation or better yet, build a trusting relationship with them first then you are all the more likely to be effective.Many “sweat equity” marketing techniques are far more powerful after they have some time to get established.
This principal actually applies to all marketing efforts, but if you are using social media, article marketing, and newsgroups it is especially important to give them some time to make their mark.Prospects can give you feedback to help you get on the right track early on.
You can pick the perfect market and be providing the right benefit, but you can still “miss the boat” if you don’t present it in the right way. Working with your prospects can help you deliver your content in a widely accepted medium and the right price point/structure.

Your marketing experience will give you a more realistic idea of how much time and money you will need to dedicate to finding leads
Running out of money is one of the most common reasons new businesses fail, and when starting your own business online you can bet that if you have expenses then your marketing will probably be at the top of the list. Now that you know exactly what your marketing will cost you in time and/or money you can budget properly to avoid that disaster and allocate ample funding to get you off the ground.